Until we meet again, our Batdad.

It has been a harrowing 22 days, and you fought so hard to come home to me, Mother and Sam. Sadly, God called you to come home to Him instead. It is so painful to wrap our heads around it. Reality is threatening to dawn on us. We cannot fathom why you had to go so early, when we still have our whole lives to love and care for each other. Thank you Dad, for fighting the virus with all your life. We are amazed by your strong fighting spirit. I’m sorry Dad, that I couldn’t be there to fight with you.

I’m sorry that we couldn’t give you the proper funeral and burial that you deserve. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there to say that I will see you again someday. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you home much I love you. COVID-19 has stripped us of last minute goodbyes.

I am not looking forward to when things go normal, and I have to accept that you would not be there anymore to see me off to work every night. You won’t be there to greet me hello when I come home every morning. I won’t have my shopping partner, my favourite photo bomber, my travel buddy. I will miss your hugs, your teasing banters, your excitement when you see anything Batman and when I buy you simple things. Any sense of normalcy will only remind me that you are not here with us.

Daddy, I love you very much. Losing you means losing a big part of me. Mother, Sam and I will eventually accept this, but the pain will always be there. This is your time to rest now. You fought the good fight, and we are very proud of you.Photo taken from the Facebook page of Alvin Agustin Ignacio.

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