Everytime Daddy held my son and my daughters in his arms, I can always see the spark in his eyes, as he did the same with me when I was groing up with DJ and DB. Even if I was sick, even if I was in the worst situation which I myself did, he would always rescue me as if he was superman, my hero, my idol and my strength.

When my grandmother passed away, daddy and mommy were the people who comforted me all throughout (and with) the pain in marriage that I have went through. Never did I forget on the day of mommy’s sister’s golden wedding anniversary, (Dad) looked at me, smiled and touched my cheeks, embraced me and said everything will be okay. I did not know that that will be the last time I will see you look at me as if I was 12 years old, dad. I will miss you, so, so, so much. Even if I chose the wrong path, you are always there to straighten it for me. You have always been the caring and loving father I did not have growing up. (You were) supportive, and just like lola, you never gave up on me when everybody did.

Dad, the kids especially Adrian will miss you and mommy terribly. You and Mommy are the Avengers in our life. I will keep in mind the only thing you always tell me is to be by my kids’ side and make room to bond with them just like you and mommy do every weekend.

Making wise choices was never really a thing that I have (done). Making decisions at the peak of my emotions is always my character defect but you always tell me to sit back and check and assess before making a decision.

I may not be the best daughter to you as you have been the best father for me but I am trying.

Just take care of mommy, lola, lolo and my daughter Ahmee.Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom that even if I am a selective listener, I have never been selective when it comes to you. It is DJ’s birthday today, dad. We normally celebrate it. I know you and mommy will be watching over DJ, DB, me and my kids, Sakit dad, you left us without a chance to say goodbye and I love you, but you will be in my kids’ hearts and mine always. Thank you again and goodbye, dad. You will never feel pain. You will always be a good doctor, a good father, and a loving husband in my eyes and my kids’.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Dennis Ramon Tudtud.

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