How should I start? How will I shout to the world how good of a person you are. I cannot remember how we started as friends. What I know since then was that, you are in a way a family. My go to person. My adviser. A brother. A loved one.

April 3, nagchat ka pa! May pictures pa to make me believe that you are just fine. Na anxiety lang. So fast and now you’re gone. And it pains us so much Doc. How can we accept and move on from this? We really don’t know. We lost you in a blink of an eye. Gone to soon and we are not prepared for this very sad and most unfortunate event in our lives.

I don’t want to question God. Why? Why you? But Doc, you really don’t deserve to die this way. In all our trying times, in all our hard times. You were always there to lend a helping hand. You were always there to listen. To guide. Why can’t we do the same way for you right at this very moment. Doc, I am sorry wala kame sa tabi mo. Please know Doc that as much as we want to, we want to stay by your side to let you know that we are one with you in prayer fighting. But Doc sorry wala kame and hindi puwede.

You were telling me all the time, “Mag diet ka na. Stay fit and stay healthy and to always take care”. You even tried to convince me to do everyday jog and yoga. You always run in marathons. But Doc…

Thank you so much Doc for everything. I may have lost a big brother today. But heaven gained another angel. We will miss you so much! Wala na maghahatid sundo sakin sa next vacation ko. Wala na akong kaharutan sa chat. Sabi mo magpapabili ka pa ng set ng gold dito. Sabi mo okay ka lang… pero Doc…

To the bereaved family and lovedones, especially to Haira Limpasan, my sincere condolences Inda. You know kung anu si Doc sa life ko. Sa kung saan at kung ano ako ngayon. Naging malaking parte siya ng lahat ng ito. And I want to take this opportunity to thank your family for sharing Doc’s beautiful life to me. I know, He died happy and fulfilled serving not just his patients but also serving for the Glory and praise for God/Allah. Please and I know you will take good care of Azee. Sending my virtual hugs to you guys.

INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIUN! Keep running up there Doc… I miss you Doc. Your last days may be hard but rest well now Doc. Until we meet again…

Photo taken from the Facebook page of TJ Alexis Aguinaldo

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