When I received the news about Doc B’s passing, I felt quite disheartened. Bigla kong naalala itong ginawa namin na short film 3 years ago for the hospital’s anniversary. This clip was an excerpt from the final draft I edited back then and si Doc yung isa sa mga ginawa namin na bida.

The whole film talks about the daily struggles of a healthcare worker. Everyday we put ourselves on the front line to treat our patients regardless kung ano man ang sakit and we sacrifice our own safety for the greater good.

Napalunok ako kasi hanggang sa dulo ng buhay mo, yun parin yung ginagawa mo. Saludo ako sa heart of service mo Doc! And to think na marami sa mga Doctors and Nurses (and other Healthcare Workers) ang ganito rin ang dedication nowadays amidst the battle of Covid-19 outbreak.

While saving people’s life, we put ourselves last. We tend to sacrifice everything – even our own health and our own family. Why? Because it’s our calling to help the people in need in this uncertain times.

This is a very challenging season for all of us. Pero laban parin tayo. You will be missed, Doc B. Thank you for your unending passion, hard work and extraordinary service. Thank you for being a good doctor and a good friend as well sa aming lahat.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Israel Bactol.

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