Two days ago, I learned a very heartbreaking news. It was so surreal that I needed to check credible news sources first to believe.

The news affirmed my sadness. It was all over the papers, social media, and even evening news. The legendary surgeon Dr. Leandro Resurreccion III fell victim to Covid-19.

It was so hard to believe because the last time I saw him 4 years ago, he was so vital and full of life.

For all those who know my (daughter) Kathryn Maine’s story personally, you would know that I have high esteem for Doc Resurreccion. He is very close to my heart. I always bring up his name to the point of repetitiveness. He was a rockstar-level pediatric transplant surgeon. I even kept his and my Kathryn’s picture to this day and I treasure it very dearly. I always show it to my daughter so she will know the face of the man who saved her life.

I still vividly remember that fateful day of February 16,2016; 2 days after my Kathryn was born. My daughter was struggling for her life, intubated with her stomach fully distended. We were told to be ready. We were told she would never make it. We are wailing and crying to the point of despair. We were referred to 2 surgeons. And during our desperate moment, Dr. Resurreccion was like a superhero who answered our call and ordered my daughter to be transferred to FEU for immediate operation. The following day, February 17, 2016, he did the double barrel colostomy and saved my beautiful Kathryn Maine. During our month long stay at the PICU, there was nothing but good words and high commendations for the beloved Doc Resu. I was told stories of his highly qualified surgeries and how he was even chartered by helicopters to do transplants on high profile individuals. And my heart just swelled with pride that one of the Philippines’ best and the best of the best attended my daughter’s medical needs. I am at peace because my daughter was surely in good hands.

Then came July, just 5 months after my Kathryn was cleared for the take down of her colostomy. And we couldn’t believe what we just witnessed. He performed the surgery without blood transfusion, without blood loss for only 30 minutes. It was just like going to a restaurant and waiting for your food order to be served. It was so fast.

Then came August of 2016. That was one month later. It was our last check up with Doc Resu. And I still clearly remember his parting words with us. This is what he said to us in verbatim, ” o, huwag na huwag ka NG magpapakita sa akin ha? Ayaw na kitang makita”. It was so funny and casual. Before we parted ways, I asked the good doctor if we can take photos with him in which he graciously accepted. That was the last time we saw him but his name was forever etched in our hearts. In the heart of my family for he is part of us and part of our journey.

To his family, you may not know us and our story. But through Doc Resurreccion and Jehovah’s kindness we still have our daughter. If it was not him and his skilled hands who did my daughter’s operation my beautiful Kathryn Maine may be just memory now. We are able to love and cherish our daughter because out of all the doctors that were called he was the one who immediately responded.

Thank you doc Resu. And I pray to Jehovah that we will still see each other at Paradise Earth. We love you and again Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Kate Mangadap.

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