Auntie Helen, we will miss you.

It breaks me that you were always there for all of our milestones but most of us could not even be there for you until your last breath. We prayed hard that you would win this fight but God had other plans.

I will miss your bubbly disposition. I will miss your laughter.

When any one of us in the family would be hospitalized, you were almost always the first to visit. You always flooded the hospital room with food. You visited everyday until any of us will be discharged. When I gave birth to Maggie, you made sure I had Hala-an soup. You personally delivered to our house. Countless times, you offered to babysit Maggie. You were not only our Auntie, you were also a Mommy to all of us your nieces and nephews. You were a sweet and loving Grandma to all our children. You were the loveable sister of my Mommy.

Thank you for loving us, Auntie Helen. Thank you for always being there for us. We wanted more time with you. We had all planned another reunion this May. Why did it have to be you? You were such a good person. You brought life to every party and to every reunion… now that life is gone.

This virus has made us fall on our knees. This virus took you away from your children. It took you away from all of us. Why it chose you we will never understand. It tears us that we can’t even be physically there to lay you to rest when you are just a few kilometers away. Most of us are on quarantine and we can’t do anything about it. I don’t know why it had to be this hard for the family to even say goodbye to you but we trust that God has reasons for doing so. This deadly virus was just on the news but now it has hit home.

We will forever miss you, Auntie Helen. Please visit us in our dreams. Goodbye, Auntie Helen.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Maricris Bathan-Lasco.

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