Unlike the others, I had the privilege to take care and be with my mother the entire 2 weeks in the hospital until her passing. She was 74 and as the doctors mentioned she had co-morbidities such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, pneumonia and we just found out her kidneys were failing so we had to resort to dialysis while admitted.

My sister who is based in Singapore would always talk to her encouraging her to eat well and get better. But seeing her condition, I prayed to the Lord to help my mother. On our 11th day in the hospital,we were informed that something came up in her xray results & that she has to be transferred to the covid floor for PUI’s.

At first they said I’m not allowed to be with her. I told them she won’t be able to manage herself alone and I’ve been with her for a while already anyway. She was tested for Covid and xrays were done daily as well. Doctors would talk to me personally outside the room, saying that the virus’ progression in the lungs is really fast and possibly in 2-3 days she will have difficulty breathing on her own. They gave me options and I asked which will be the most comfortable for her. I cried in front of my mother and she was very reassuring that its alright if its God’s plan for her. On her last night, she talked to one of my uncle and said her goodbyes. Somehow she knew, he told her that death could be a blessing.

The last person she talked to was my sister, my mother’s last words to her was an endearing ‘good night’. My mother slept soundly that night and she did not wake up anymore. God peacefully took her in His loving arms while asleep.

I am somewhat relieved that you are no longer suffering but more so I miss your presence in my life. You were my constant, my comfort, my rock, my safe place. And now I have to continue living without you mommy. I will forever cherish our memories, God has given me the best mother. I love you so much Mommy I know you are watching over me, until we meet again.

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