I lost a mom. Since I was young she was always my Mommy Helen. She has always been a second mom to me… I remember every weekend mommy Helen and Daddy Den would always fetch me so I can be with my cousins Debbie and Dj, who I have always considered my brother and sister. Mommy Helen was one of the most generous people I know. She would always think of other people. She would always be the one who would be first to help when any of us was in need.

To say that she was caring was an understatement. She helped save my life. I remember that she tirelessly looked for a platelet donor for me when I had dengue, I needed that donor badly, she helped save my life. She would always, with no reservation, help. I have countless recollections of her generosity. Mommy Helen had a big heart, and I know she has touched many lives. She was a mother to all who needed her. She loved all her grandchildren and would always look for ways to spend time with them too. She was almost always in all their birthdays.

I am grateful for her and her life. She was truly a blessing to everyone around her. The world needed more people like her. It pains me that we had to lose her. It pains us that in her last days we were not allowed to be with her, the way she was always there for us when we needed her. The circumstances did not make any sense. Nothing made much sense these past few days. So many questions, naïve questions, with no way to answer them. Why did this have to happen? Why her? Why them? Why now, and why under these circumstances? I am with you Debbie and Dj, through the pain and despair. I am here, for you and with you. We may never find the answers, we may never figure everything out, but we will try.

I find solace in her memories, in her kindness, in her warmth. She was such a bubbly person and will deeply miss her. We love you Mommy Helen! I truly believe that you are with God now. We love you Mommy Helen and we will truly miss you.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Deborah Tudtud.

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