It’s my 28th. By this time papa would say “Happy birthday. Saan mo gusto mag dinner? Pareserve tayo. Ilan isasama mo?” ❤️

So I thought that instead of me celebrating my life, I would like to thank Papa for all that he has given me for these 28yrs.

I thank him for showing tough love in my early years. Because of that I grew up stronger and tougher; I also learned paano dumiskarte. I thank him for trying to show his softer side when we got older. I thank him for the shelter, the food, and security he has given every single day, and everything that he has left us. Kahit wala ka na Pa, secured pa din kami at kumakain pa din araw araw. You’re amazing. I thank him for his continuous support even until I finished college. I am thankful for a dad who wants to spend time with his wife and grown-up kids every single weekend for as long as I can remember (church – dinner – movie weekend routine). Lagi ako updated sa new movies because of you, Pa. ❤️ Thanking him for a lot of travelling we had since we were little. Thank you Pa kasi whenever I feel sick, you get out of your way just to bring me to the hospital and to make sure ma-check up ako and to buy all the medicines that I have to take. You didn’t care anong oras or kahit magkano, you just wanted me to get well. Thank you for always bringing pasalubong whenever you eat outside or kapag mag-grocery ka (white chicken, chocolates, kiamoy). Thank you for thinking of us before you went there, inalala mo pa din kami and you called people and said “In case may mangyari sakin…” Pa you made things easier for us kahit wala ka na. Thank you Pa. Thank you for everything. Masyado na mahaba kaya ito na muna haha!

And lastly thank you for visiting me in my dream. Some people may not believe but I know it was you, I felt you and I know God answered my prayer to give us a chance to talk for the last time. Thank you for everything and I loved you for 28 years. I’ll always be thankful and I’ll love you until we see each other up there. Thank you for this 28 years. I’m proud of my Dad and I love you, Papa. ❤️❤️❤️

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Ema Denise Regis.

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